current marketing trends: getting away from brand narcissism

Is your brand built on a foundation of customer passions, or is it a glorified laundry list of product features built on a corporate agenda? Then put the corporate agenda aside and get over yourself. When creating a marketing plan for a new product, corporate executives are more concerned with what they love about the product. In this 3-minute marketing training video, emotional marketing expert Graeme Newell helps you spot the danger signs. He examines some of the current marketing trends and shows how to spot the danger signs when positioning a brand.


Graeme uses examples from Bally Total Fitness, Curves, and Wolverine Boots. Bally Total fitness failed at throwing out the corporate agenda. Instead of positioning a brand that creates a connection between the customer and product, they just advertised how awesome their equipment was. Curves took a different approach. They learned from Bally’s mistake when it came to positioning a brand and decided to create a commercial that showed women the power that a workout could bring to their lives, thus creating that personal connection with the consumer. In Graeme’s final example, Wolverine Boots also failed at positioning a brand, when creating a marketing plan for a new product because they were not following current marketing trends. Wolverine Boots used Harley Davison and Caterpillar to help advertise their product, but never showed any Harley or Caterpillar equipment. Instead they focused on various product features that they decided to add such as shoelaces. All of these examples show that when it comes to positioning a brand, throw the corporate agenda aside, and begin making a personal connection with the customers.

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