helicopter workshop

The news helicopter is often the most expensive tool used by a newsroom. So naturally, you would think the chopper would be one of the most memorable parts of a newscast. Despite the dollars spent keeping it in the air, most news choppers become nothing more than an expensive additional camera.

This workshop shows you how to make the best use of a news helicopter and make sure viewers distinguish your station’s copter coverage from those of other stations.

Most stations use helicopters to cover spot news and traffic problems, but it is difficult to be memorable by doing just these simple things. In some markets, each station has its chopper over the same spot news story, and they all have their aerial pictures of traffic slowing down in the same place.

Producing chopper coverage requires an entirely new mindset and different tools. Using multitudes of video clips, we show your team how design more memorable and compelling helicopter stories. In addition, participants will see how to make chopper coverage more interesting on days when there isn’t breaking news or significant traffic problems. You’ll learn how to use them in new ways to add insight to the other stories in your news, especially in morning news.

Helicopters are a power reporting tool that can take your viewers to amazing place. We’ll show you how to stop using it as a glorified tripod in the air and how to create a truly differentiated type of coverage.

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