john deere: the benefits of corporate social responsibility


A Long and Rich History

John Deere is an American company, established in 1839, that manufactures a variety of heavy equipment, engines, drivetrains, and lawn care equipment. Product applications include construction, forestry, and lawn care equipment. The company’s core values are integrity, quality, commitment and innovation. With over 170 years in the business, John Deere has seen and made its share of changes. One thing that has not changed is the company’s dedication to farmers, ranchers, landowners and builders. These groups make up the bulk of John Deere’s customers. Their website calls them “those who are linked to the land.” With this dedication, and by sticking to its four core values, John Deere demonstrates the benefits of corporate social responsibility.

With so many of its products being used outdoors, John Deere sees itself as having a duty to protect the natural environment. This duty goes hand in hand with product safety; those using John Deere equipment are part of the environment where they work. Any heavy equipment manufacturer must meet federal and industry product safety standards, but John Deere holds itself to a higher standard.

Many of their products exceed the standards, being more thorough and exacting than what the laws require.

Examples of Innovation

What exactly does John Deere’s corporate responsibility policy look like? Here are a few quick examples:

  • Chemical content, environmental impact, and user friendly design are all priorities in the company’s planning and decision making processes.
  • The transport of dangerous goods is another area where John Deere established benchmarks and enforces safety.
  • The company communicates with local and regional authorities for emergency preparedness.
  • John Deere helps develop public policy and educational programs designed to increase sustainable environmental practices
  • The company implements health management programs for its employees to create a healthy workplace.

A Tangible Benefit

Looking at John Deere’s history and success, it is easy to see the benefits of corporate social responsibility. The company employs nearly 60,000 people, uplifting lives with a positive and supportive work environment. In 2016, the company posted about $26 billion in revenue. Green Magazine, a publication catering to John Deere enthusiasts, has a worldwide circulation of about 30,000. This is especially impressive today, with print media often taking second place to digital and other forms of new media. The success of the magazine speaks to John Deere’s popularity and lasting value for its core customers.

What about you? Are there any lessons you can learn from John Deere’s success and apply to your own company or venture? Every organization, no matter its size, can reap the benefits of corporate social responsibility for itself, its stakeholders, and the larger world. We hope you can take inspiration from the admirable steps John Deere has taken to make itself a bringer of positive change.


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The farmers go to town – A man is trying to trim his tree with scissors when suddenly the entire neighborhood looks over the horizon to see an army of farmers and their John Deere tractors coming down the hill over the horizon! With their power tools they make gardening easier. If you need something, we’re still in town.

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