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You can change graphics, sets, anchors, and a plethora of other things, but in the end, improved ratings all come down to your ability to weave an enchanting tale. This workshop shows teams how to move beyond being mere purveyors of facts and become enthralling crafters of compelling narratives.

Many reporters spend their day collecting great information, but their lack of storytelling prowess leaves viewers scratching their heads about the significance of those facts. Disjointed storytelling keeps the viewer from interpreting the relevancy of the important knowledge that we want them to understand.

This workshop lays out the essential ways great storytellers practice their craft. We firmly school your team in the critical structure that is the foundation of any narrative. Then, we move on to the step-by-step progression that moves a viewer through a story. We show them how to build mini-cliffhangers into a story, how to establish key character archetypes, and how to build a satisfying conclusion that leaves viewers fulfilled.

We show them new trends in writing and reporting from some the most accomplished storytellers in the news business. We teach them how to craft story structure and how to effectively use sound and stand ups.

We’ll show reporters and producers how to recognize both promising stories and stories that tend to leave viewers disappointed. They’ll learn not how to start crafting a story theme from the first morning program and how to position strong characters that connect. If there are still too many officials and bureaucrats dominating your news stories, this workshop is for you.

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No more boring shows. Let us train your team to produce excitement from the very first moment of your show.

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