Suzanne WachaProducing & Reporting Specialist

Suzanne BlackSuzanne Wacha is a hands-on trainer and consultant who shows teams how to create more exciting and innovative newscasts. She is a veteran producer and news director who has led newsrooms in San Diego and Austin. Suzanne’s specialty is coaching both experienced and novice teams in the creation of more exciting, enthralling television shows. She has launched newscasts and lifestyle programs throughout the world for local station affiliates, cable channels and national networks.

Suzanne believes the success of a newscast is only as strong as its energy and storytelling — from the show’s open to its close. She shows producers how to develop and create interesting rundowns and how to entice viewers from each element of the program. Anchors, reporters and photographers learn how to communicate strong stories with a solid beginning, middle and end. Teams master the art of the exciting and active live shot.

Suzanne is a proud Razorback, graduating from The University of Arkansas. She is married and has two sons. The best part of her job is combining her love of travel and meeting new people.

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Austin, Texas

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