building advanced social media systems

This social media workshop is for more advanced teams who have mastered the basics and are ready to build a new level of interaction with their customers.

We’ll dive into the analytics and show your team how to set up systems that track and optimize your social media presence. Your team will learn:
▪ The best ways to utilize Facebook EdgeRank
▪ How to add ancillary software to boost social media fans and promotions.
▪ How to build Facebook promotions and stay within advertising guidelines.
▪ Ways to build systems for staff that increase team interaction.
▪ Tactics for amplifying content by simultaneously posting to multiple locations and platforms.

We’ll show your team how to create effective micro sites. These provide specialized information that can attract valuable demos and open up opportunities for specific advertising sector targeting.

After a thorough analysis, we’ll build a customer workshop that tackles the specific problems your team is facing. We’ll guide them in how to implement new systems and new tools to take your social presence to new levels.

Pick the specialties you want your team to master:
▪ Best uses for user-generated content.
▪ Twitter in-depth.
▪ Additional social media by industry – OpenTable, Yelp, Digg, Pinterest, Dealer Rater, Urban Spoon, etc.
▪ Taking Facebook and social media offline – in-person like campaigns, photo tagging, Tweet-ups, coupons and offers within social media.
▪ Building events through digital and social media – Eventbrite, Facebook, Tweetups, event pictures, e-mail marketing, etc.
▪ Customer service in social media – how to handle criticisms, customer service, stopping customers with concerns from complaining without having a voice at the table.
▪ Social TV – what comes next? Apple TV, Roku, etc.
▪ Gamification – ways to bring customer interaction to new levels through game models.
▪ Competing against the big boys. How TV stations can still be effective against huge budgets from outside agencies.

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