social analytics & media buying workshop

Is your team struggling to patch together audience and influencer insight with the right channels and content?

The 602 Communications Analytics and Media Buying course empowers you to craft, implement, measure, and optimize a winning social media marketing strategy. Learn how to promote your station brand, increase sales, engage customers, and drive your website traffic using Facebook and Twitter. Find out how to leverage the most powerful tools in Facebook (including conversion tracking and custom audiences) and manage large ad campaigns more efficiently.

This course is designed to help you create a successful presence on each platform, starting with exploring the conceptual underpinnings of social media marketing so you can determine how to cultivate a social media presence with maximum impact.

Learn how to conduct digital marketing research to investigate your customers and competitors online. Find out how to research demand, trends, and competition. We’ll show you how to make better decisions with a full view across all major social channels.

▪ Choosing choice keywords.
▪ Comparing yourself to the competition.
▪ Writing linkable/sharable content.
▪ Organizing your titles and tags.
▪ Optimizing page descriptions.
▪ Making the best use of your home and sub pages.
▪ Title pictures/adding cutlines.
▪ Boosting posts.
▪ Using appropriate headings/subheadings/titles, etc.
▪ Naming files with keywords.
▪ Comparing yourself to your partners and your competitors.
▪ Using robots.txt files to direct search engines for what to index.
▪ Optimizing your site map.
▪ Buing the right key words.
▪ Using paid and organic SEO.
▪ Analyzing your reach and engagement for every post.
▪ Integrating digital marketing with your overall marketing strategy

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