Standups & Live Shots Workshop

Live TV is exciting TV. Breaking news and live shots should be a compelling journey of exploration where we take viewers right to the front lines of where the latest story is taking place. This “anything can happen” feeling of unpredictability is the most irresistible component of live television. Yet, we see too many reporters suck all the life out of live shots and stand ups. They plant themselves in front of a sign or a building and deliver the predictable “talking head” – no movement, no exploration.

The 602 stand ups and live shots workshop shows producers and reporters how to plan, choreograph and implement exciting, demonstrative stand ups. Your team will see how some of the best in the business turn a boring backdrop into a thrill ride.

Great live shots are all about great planning. Too many reporters get their story produced, then simply do the live shot from wherever they happen to be at news time. We’ll demonstrate how producers, reporters, photographers and the desk can collaborate to create exciting live shots that bring greater depth and understanding to the story. Each person has a vital role to play and we’ll show them an operating procedure that builds vibrant interaction between viewer and newscaster.

We’ll also show them how to make stand ups part of a story narrative that dovetails seamlessly with their package. They’ll learn how to construct a stand-up bridge that punctuates a story and isn’t just a distracting interruption.

We’ll show them how to create great live shots in difficult situations – in the dark, when news is breaking, and when extended live coverage is required.

This workshop will get your team up and moving. It will add excitement and relevancy to your show. We’ll show you how to make location reporting a vibrant part of your storytelling process.

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No more boring shows. Let us train your team to produce excitement from the very first moment of your show.

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