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How many times have you heard a producer say, “I don’t have enough to fill my show!” How many times have you heard viewers in focus groups say, “The station keeps repeating the same top stories over and over”?

The cross-platform nature of today’s world of breaking news requires a very different storytelling style than in the past. One story is now continually reported throughout the whole day. Many stories can actually split into two stories, or even three. Most reporters feel the need to cram every detail, every soundbite, and every video clip into one huge, super-sized report.

Each update needs its own stimulating plot twist and new discovery to keep that story exciting and relevant. The 602 Communications training teaches teams the important skills for building a day-long adventure that keeps information fresh and compelling. You team will learn how to develop multiple stories out of just one topic.

Too many reporters simply do a “fact dump.” They gather information, spew it out, then repeat it verbatim throughout the day. We show your team how to triage a story and build a structure that optimally utilizes facts, video assets and characters. We train your team to break down the individual components of one story into stand-alone reports with a singular focus. This makes the stories more understandable and keeps them fresh.

Great storytelling is about great planning and designing a narrative that unfolds across all platforms. Whether it’s breaking news or a regular story, we show your staff how a narrative can be advanced by deconstructing it.

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No more boring shows. Let us train your team to produce excitement from the very first moment of your show.

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