critical concern writing workshop

In this workshop we show teams how to build coverage and marketing that directly addresses the critical concerns of your target audience. The focus is on the customer’s image of themselves, not just the product. We find the audience’s emotional hot buttons, then show you exactly how to create content and marketing that mirrors their deepest feelings of personal identity.

We show your entire team the specific producing and writing techniques that build these strong customer connections. The goal of these workshops is to train your team to break free from the familiar rhythms of tired TV imaging and story creation. We’ll show your team how to move beyond standard messing that exclusively relies on standard product features common to any newscast.

We teach specific skills that tap into the powerful passion your audience already feels about your products. We show you how to turn mere viewers into dedicated and loyal fans who tune in because they have found a deep emotional connection with your brand. Your team leaves this workshop with a frontline tactical plan for executing core emotional drivers. This process has three stages:

Step One: Identifying the specific imagery, copy points, and tone to use with each core emotional driver. What are your audience’s emotional hot buttons? We use hundreds of examples of the most effective advertising in the world to show your team how to build strong & passionate connections that create fans.

Step Two: Demonstrate the best creative approaches for each core audience driver.
Most promos have a mind-numbingly similar creative approaches that primarily rely on show clips and voiceover. We show the team how to break out of this rut and use new approaches such as metaphor, testimonial, humor, sarcasm, curiosity, or one of the 55 other primary creative vehicles.

Step Three: Feedback following up. Once the plan has been created, we’ll start writing, giving the team an opportunity to immediately integrate these new skills. We give feedback on their effectiveness to assure they’re walking the talk in all your content and marketing products.

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No more boring shows. Let us train your team to produce excitement from the very first moment of your show.

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