leveraging your brand 
to grow new revenue

There are untapped pots of advertising dollars out there held by local businesses that have a customer missions closely aligned to your station brand.  In this workshop, we train your team to find this money and how to close this business.

This workshop shows your team how to leverage your own powerful brand assets to generate new revenue. We’ll show you how to position your station to attract a premium price. If you’re struggling with challenging ratings or increasing competition, this workshop will show you how to get the most revenue out of all you inventory. We find advertisers would love to join with stations on powerful brand-driven project, but no one has ever shown them how.

Too often sales teams position station content as a commodity, a game that is played using only rates and ratings. This a race to bottom that leaves your station with sold-out inventory at mediocre rates.

Today, advertisers will no longer pay for simple association with a station project. They need to see how partnering with your station will drive real business. We train your team to craft projects that clearly demonstrate advertiser value.

Most stations have never taken the time to properly aligned their sales mission with their content mission. The results is a mismatch, where advertisers hear one message from content and hear another message from your sales team. Significant dollars get left on the table because the sales team never conveys what’s special about your station’s purpose and mission.

You’d probably doing lots of brand focused content within your news already. Promotion devotes significant resources to that content as well. Your brand content is the rock star of your station and that content can be packaged and sold to advertisers who want to join in your mission for the community.

Leveraging your brand can help secure additional dollars from traditional advertisers too. Each day, your week your news team probably does a lot of stories on saving money, getting better jobs, and staying healthy. All that content can be packaged up and sold to advertisers at a premium rate. For example:

• Car dealers want to get families into affordable new cars.
• Local schools and colleges want to train students in skills that will help them find good jobs.
• Healthcare wants families to stay healthy and get the best healthcare at the lowest cost.
• Grocery wants to help families save money and eat healthier.
We’ll find the goals that specifically match your station brand, then show you how to package and sell this content so it aligns with the mission your advertisers have with their own businesses.

Here is what this training and consulting will do:

• Bring together sales, news, community affairs and promotion to develop viable brand-friendly revenue initiatives that monetize the recurring brand-focused content in our newscasts and on digital.
• Guide the teams in developing non-traditional revenue projects around these same themes.
• Help develop web and social revenue initiatives on these key issues.
• Facilitate the creation of sponsorship programs for themed digital, promotion, community affairs and news content.
• Develop ground rules so the team clearly understands guidelines for generating revenue while maintaining journalistic integrity.

Integrated team members from news, promotion, public affairs and sales will are trained to use these guidelines to create revenue generating initiatives. Next, we develop revenue-friendly content that supports your brand mission and carefully safeguards your news standards.

To demonstrate how this works, here are a few examples from some of the markets we’ve worked in:

Making Ends Meet
In many markets the grocery sector is highly competitive and the organic/health food segment is the fastest growing category in that business.  This is a perfect place for a grocery chain to cut through the advertising clutter while giving a chance to attract viewers.  “Eat Healthy/Save Money” content could be very helpful to our viewers while providing an opportunity for revenue development.

Infrastructure & Grown
Significant government dollars have been allocated in cities for downtown projects including dollars related to storm-water issues.  A few of our clients have already developed significant revenue from storm-water divisions to educate the community about the importance of flood safety and keeping the waterways clean.

Crime & Safety
Police and fire departments often have recruiting budgets and need help getting the word out.  Social, web and on-air stories could highlight the heroics of our first responders while an advertiser schedule could solicit applicants.  This could also be branded as a jobs and employment initiative.

Family Health
Many states have received millions from the CDC to combat the problem of prescription drug overdose.  Project DAWN is a community-based Naloxone distribution program that has reached out for education ideas.  An entire prescription drug overdose initiative could be built that would tie directly into our brand.  This could be the base of a campaign that brings in many different advertisers from hospitals, drug store chains and community groups.

Cost of Living & Safety
• One bright spot in the economy is the housing market.  This has spurred spending in home goods and home improvements.  A Make-Your-City-Beautiful campaign could be focused around home improvement information and protecting the value of homes.  It’s a great way to bring an optimistic and fun approach to helping families feel good about their community.

These are just a few ideas but we have many more.  This cross-departmental revenue team can be trained and ready to attack revenue goals in an exciting and creative way.  We can help the community, drive viewership and add dollars to our bottom line with this focused approach.

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