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The best morning newscasts are not really newscasts at all. The nation’s great morning shows are just that – an exciting show filled with spontaneity, personality and excitement. Yet most morning news shows are created using the same basic rules used for somber evening newscasts. The result is a painfully long series of regurgitated VOs written at midnight the night before.

It’s no wonder that so many morning shows are little more than a tedious recital of yesterday’s news. Great morning shows don’t just report what happened, instead they build anticipation and excitement for the day to come and what is happening right now.

This 602 Communications training seminar teaches morning teams a whole new paradigm for creating content in a “fresh and forward” style. Most importantly, it teaches your team how to build a show with “planned moments of spontaneity.” These magic moments with talent and guests don’t just happen by accident. They need to be actively produced and planned.

This workshop demonstrates how to handle breaking news from just about anywhere. It teaches your staff how to build interviews that have impact, studio segments that are memorable, and film live reporter shots that are vibrant and entrancing.

This workshop shows your anchors how to connect with the morning news viewer, teaches your weather person how to go beyond the basic forecast, shows your traffic person how to go beyond the gridlock, and teaches your reporter how to set up assignments that guarantee a great live shot each morning.

Your team will learn how to deliver a more exciting, unpredictable show. We’ll show you how to liven up your content so morning viewers tune-in for longer, and more often. We’ll also show your team the most important skill of any morning producer – great planning.

Whether you seek a straight-forward, hard news format that concentrates on news, weather, and traffic, or a more casual and relaxed style, this workshop teaches your staff how to develop a core following of morning viewers.

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No more boring shows. Let us train your team to produce excitement from the very first moment of your show.

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