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As broadcasters, we are amazingly blessed with the abundant riches of one of the most valuable assets in social media – fresh video and information about great local content. However, few broadcasters have developed efficient systems for effectively showcasing this precious trove of information.

The 602 Communications social content creation workshop teaches your team how to effectively create, traffic and support the best content that flows through your newsroom each day.

Digital, on-air, and mobile each require a unique writing style custom-made to the limitations and opportunities of the medium. Writers must begin their creative process with a clear understanding of what is possible and not possible on each specific platform.

Unfortunately, too many producers are still creating beautiful stories and promos designed to entice viewers who are sitting in the living room giving the TV their full attention. Each social platform necessitates a different style and producers who don’t understand these rules will be creating content that is simply ignored. In this workshop, we teach the specific producing and writing skills required to boost engagement on each unique social platform.

In a world where we must vie for attention against some of the most powerful social agencies in the world, this workshop will teach your team the eye-grabbing tactics that grow engagement.

We’ll show your teams how to write tighter copy, showcase amazing video, and build brand. We’ll upgrade their skills and arm them with the knowledge to effectively battle in the new world of always-on content creation.

Your team will learn:
▪ Tactics for creating emotional connection.
▪ Best attention grabbers that lead to interaction.
▪ Strategic and efficient commenting techniques that invite participation.
▪ How to use video in new ways to engage.
▪ Design elements that make content sticky.
▪ New ways to get to the top of Facebook timelines.
▪ How to create contests legally and interactively.
▪ Best uses for talent in social media.
▪ Building posts that boost web views.
▪ Balancing transparency and objectivity.
▪ How and what to post on walls.
▪ The most effective ways to use humor in both writing and video.

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No more boring shows. Let us train your team to produce excitement from the very first moment of your show.

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