the brand audit workshop

The 602 Communications brand audit is a report card that shows exactly how well your entire team is demonstrating your brand within your newscasts, marketing, and community campaigns. This comprehensive analysis reveals where your station is walking your branding talk and where it is falling short.

We record 100 hours of your news content, then tag every story for brand compliance. After this analysis, we show your team how to focus and simplify your brand, and train your team in ways to demonstrate your brand within all your content and marketing because they have found a deep emotional connection with your brand. Your team leaves this workshop with a frontline tactical plan for executing core emotional drivers.

This process has seven stages.

1) The brand audit starts with a review of your research studies and in-house marketing plans. We identify the key marketing tactics and specific priorities of your station brand.

2) We sit down and do extensive interviews with your managers and staff. We find out how each key person demonstrates the brand during their daily routine. For example, how is the brand demonstrated within key ratings special reports? How does the assignment desk integrate the brand into daily planning?

3) We find out how well you’re walking your talk. We record about 100 hours of your newscasts, hundreds of special report promos, topical promos, social, mobile and web posts. We tag every individual element of content for brand compliance. Is your weather coverage really demonstrating safety? Are your investigations actually protecting your viewers?

4) We compile all this data to reveal the specific places where your content is effectively demonstrating the brand. We also show you where your brand message isn’t communicated well, and reveal the damaging brand messages that your team is unintentionally building into your content. It is a comprehensive report card that shows where your brand commitment is shining through and where that commitment is falling short.

5) We build on this research and work with the entire management team to create a comprehensive plan that focuses your brand identity to a clear understandable point. We show your entire team that a brand is not just a slogan, but is a laser-focused customer attitude demonstrated within your content every night.

6) Training is the next step of this process. We roll up our sleeves and work with each of your key teams. We help you build a content marketing plan of action for each core discipline: reporters, producers, desk, promotion, community service. We show each team how to alter their daily routine so that it demonstrates the brand on the air.

7) Accountability is the final step. Once the plan is in place and the staff has clear direction on the specific tasks to be performed, we record your programs, and do analysis and training. We show the team how well they are implementing and guide them with specific feedback.

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