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Viewers in research studies and focus groups often sing a refrain that seems familiar to us – the news is boring and seems unimportant. Our writing-to-video workshop shows participants how to grab viewers’ attention by unifying sound and picture in powerful new ways.

TV should not simply exist as radio with pictures added. Video and sound should be forged together so stand-alone elements combine to deliver a powerful punch. Too many writers give the viewer permission to ignore the pictures. Video is lazily referenced. The viewer is never enticed into looking closer.

This workshop teaches the best practices utilized by the most powerful storytellers from movies, TV, online, and local news. The practiced technique of synchronizing words and pictures may be the single most important technique for driving attention and retention. Not writing to video is a top reason stories fall flat.

Participants will be taught how to write to video, even under deadline. They’ll learn how to work with photographers and editors to quickly triage great video. Then, they’ll learn how to create a consolidated message that boosts the power of the elements.

If you’re looking to put more energy, excitement and relevancy into your shows, this workshop will show your team a new workflow that will have them writing like thrilling storytellers instead of tedious scribes.

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No more boring shows. Let us train your team to produce excitement from the very first moment of your show.

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