Best Practices Producing Workshop

Great shows start with great attention to detail. In this example-packed workshop, we’ll show your team how to craft more compelling moments that entice viewers throughout the duration of your show. You’ll learn the most perilous producing pitfalls, plus easy and effective ways to break these bad habits.

We’ll guide you through a step-by-step process for building a day of production. You’ll learn how to triage stories and craft a compelling multi-platform experience that builds anticipation and excitement. We’ll show teams how to break the tedious “story-stacker” mindset and develop an unfolding storyline within their shows. We’ll show them how to build a multi-sensory experience that showcases the best uses of sound, editing, graphics, talent, and videography.

This workshop will allow your newscast to keep viewers watching for longer periods of time and build ratings success.

Topics covered are:

  • Immediacy and urgency
  • Writing to video
  • Getting your anchors more involved
  • More compelling breaking news
  • Improved storytelling
  • More demonstrative live shots and stand-ups
  • Getting rid of monotony and predictability
  • Advancing stories newscast to newscast
  • Winning the lead
  • Teasing that builds retention
  • Picking stories that connect

Using hundreds of video examples, we teach your writers and producers how to produce a balanced newscast that increases average viewing length.

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