branding focus workshop

This workshop is all about consistently executing a brand strategy across EVERYTHING you do: digital, on-air, promotion, and community efforts. At many stations, marketing is just a “promotion thing,” and the product never truly demonstrates the brand position. We start by laying out a plan to promote the specific components of your coverage. We take each of the major news elements and develop a definitive plan of action for marketing that component, including weather, investigative, breaking news, and all other critical coverage areas.

We show you how to sell a compelling story AND reinforce the station brand at the same time. We build promotion and newsroom production systems that identify the most promotable components and then sell those components to reinforce the station’s branding position every night.

To develop this workshop, we studied the country’s most successful stations that have a clearly defined image in the viewers’ minds. We recorded hundreds of hours of commercials, promos, and teases and developed a training class around them. During this course, we show your team the specific components of these very successful campaigns. They’ll learn how to give viewers a compelling reason to watch while reinforcing the station’s clearly defined brand.

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No more boring shows. Let us train your team to produce excitement from the very first moment of your show.

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