602 Communications Online Training

The world of online training has been upgraded. For 20 years, 602 Communications has been the broadcast training experts working with more than 200 stations from every major group.
We’ve build a high-tech system that creates a truly immersive training experience. One with real interactivity and engagement. Each participant has their own camera and engages right from their desk, tablet or phone. This isn’t a lecture, it’s an interactive workshop where participants continually share and engage with other students, no matter where they are in the world.

We start with the world’s largest best practices library. Your team will see the most engaging work being done by the best TV newsrooms in the business. Then, we integrate all this great work into fun exercises using speed polls, real-time quiz games and lots of sharing. Your team will learn while they play. Online training means there’s no travel costs and less disruption to your team. No more all day trainings.

Now your team can sneak in an hour of live training at the times that are most convenient. Train anywhere – from work, home or half way across the globe. We’ve developed entirely new training programs showcasing the latest skills for producing, reporting, marketing, digital and every other position in the newsroom. Inexperienced staffers and today’s more demanding workloads mean training is vital to generating revenue.

The 602 online training program brings a whole new level of interactivity and spontaneity. It allows your teams to train at the times and places that fit your news cycle. It’s time to make training fun again.

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