Building Audience Flow

Okay, the viewers are on the couch watching our life’s work, but they are also amazingly busy and distracted. This workshop demonstrates specific and often subtle ways to convince viewers to give us their full attention, thus increasing the time spent viewing. This is a tactical workshop filled with specific techniques for building newscasts minute by minute so they retain audience through the entire show.

This workshop combines the basics of good storytelling with what we know about how viewers watch TV in our new distraction-filled world. We explore how to create newscast opens that draw viewers into the content. Next, we figure out how to get them past one of the biggest tune-out points in a newscast—the anchor lead. We explore how to produce live shots and stand ups that grab the viewers attention. Then we teach techniques to rid their newscasts of confusion, mind numbing wallpaper video, verbose writing and distracting show elements.

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