Driving Revenue with Social Selling

Social networks are one of the most powerful tools available to salespeople at your station, but a steep learning curve often discourages even your most ambitious sellers. In this workshop, we show how salespeople can use multiple social media networks to establish trust and credibility, grow their network, and close business. And the results are clear: 78% of sales people who use social media sales techniques outsell their peers.

This step-by-step course covers a comprehensive guide to social selling and breaks down how to leverage all the most powerful information onto your prospects. We’ll show your sales team how to use social networks for listening, customer engagement and internal collaboration. Your sales team will gain actionable insights on:

▪ How to boost sales performance with social selling.
▪ Identifying leads through social news and information.
▪ Securing introductions and appointments through social media engagement.
▪ How to organize your social selling activities to be more efficient.
▪ How to integrate tested old school sales strategies with social selling best sales practices to make them more effective.
▪ How to create profiles and personas that set the stage for successful social selling.
▪ How to conduct searches on appropriate channels that reveal decision makers.
▪ The best practices for using social media to develop new business.
▪ The best words and language to help craft successful sales messaging.

This workshop is designed to help sales professionals of all social media skill levels. Our hands-on approach delivers the education and training needed to build pipeline, generate leads, and close more deals using social media throughout the sales process. Boost your sales performance through comprehensive training on the best social selling practices.

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