Effective Social Media Best Practices

As social media has grown in popularity, so has the sophistication the tools and tactics that are now necessary to break through the clutter and get noticed.  The key is engagement, but busy newsrooms simply don’t have the time or resources to construction extensive social campaigns.

In this hand-on workshop we teach your team how to use the latest tools and tactics to bolster interaction and win fans.  Most importantly, we show them how to engage efficiently.

TV’s biggest asset is the acres of authentic and relevant content we create daily.  This workshop shows your team how to escape the typical hard-sell social selling techniques and smart ways to use all your great local and national content to build trust and loyalty. Step by step, we’ll show your team how to build fan-centric social conversations that will help you gain share and create brand advocates for your station.

This workshop starts with the critical priorities:

  • Best uses of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, GooglePlus – what works best when?
  • Dos and don’ts on how to maximize engagement and avoid trouble.
  • How to effectively and efficiently handle customer inquiries.
  • Ways to utilize social media to get users to tune in.
  • What graphic approaches work best?

Next, we move on to more advanced topics.  We show your team how to:

  • Track your progress.  We’ll dive into the basics of analytics.
  • Use social media to connect directly with your community.
  • Convert your social media audience into viewership.
  • Leverage newsroom talent to build a stronger digital presence.
  • Use social media to promote content.
  • Stand out from other local news organizations.
  • Engage users on a personal level without exhausting personnel resources.
  • Best use words and language to build brand loyaltya
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