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graeme newell an emotional marketing researcher who shows
businesses how deep emotional connection
can create passionate brand groupies.
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TV Broadasting Research & Training

Example-packed training. Research that identifies viewers’ biggest hopes & worries.

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red goldfish book
Red Goldfish Purpose Driven Businesses

Videos telling the stories of the world’s most successful purpose-driven businesses.

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Marketing Best-Practices Training Videos
Marketing Best-Practices Training Videos

Training videos that teach how to find and implement authentic business purpose.

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Graeme Newell
Graeme Newell Speaking

Short videos lessons from Graeme’s youtube presentations on behavioral finance.

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JetBlue – Finding Business Partners that Share a Business Purpose

When looking for new ideas, business leaders rarely seek inspiration from companies in divergent sectors.  The belief is that these companies have little in common.  This short videos shows how JetBlue is dedicated to learning from leaders in very different sectors.  The upstart airline actively seeks out companies that share their passionate business purpose for innovation and social entrepreneurship.