Process Storytelling

Our teams do an amazing job each day of gathering information, doing research, and generating innovative insights on the news of the day. However, just like the Wizard of Oz, viewers don’t get see what’s going on behind the curtain to create this magic each day. If we don’t tell viewers what we’re doing, they’ll just assume we’re phoning in the standard story like everyone else in the market. We’re proud of what we do, but surely don’t want to brag. Still, it’s important to remind viewers of our value.

Process storytelling, also called “transparency,” subtly invites viewers to take a glimpse of how we gather news and how we come to report the fascinating facts of the day. This technique gently but constantly reminds viewers what we’ve done for them, are doing for them, or will do for them in both news content and marketing messaging. It is a powerful way to encourage viewers to stay with our continuing coverage.

Your team will learn easy to use, delightfully humble ways to show your audience the innovation of your coverage and the thoroughness of your reporting. We’ll show your team how to incorporate these best practices into their daily routine. From social to on-air to promos, your team will learn how to point out exemplary coverage without coming off as a jerk.

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