Red Goldfish – A Great Resource on Corporate Responsibility in Social Enterprises

Red Goldfish CoverWhat is the purpose of business? Answering this same question, when asked in the context of life, is one of the most fundamental struggles of mankind. The desire to find the reason why we occupy our place in the universe has kept our brightest minds gazing at the sky for astronomical explanations since antiquity. This ever-burning desire is the pillar that holds religions together, it catapulted us into the space age and it keeps our CEOs awake at night trying to find their companies’ corporate responsibility. Human beings are naturally, purpose-driven, and they will subconsciously gravitate towards like-minded ideologies, habits, opinions and most importantly brands.

All successful businesses exist to fill a void in its customers’ lives, so every thriving business does so because it serves a purpose in its niche. Helping businesses to find their purpose is what Stan Phelps and Graeme Newell seek to accomplish in their book “Red Goldfish”. Even the biggest brands in the world struggle to package their highly profitable enterprises as big corporate responsibility projects. These businesses design their products with a subconscious emotional appeal to a higher purpose. They master the art of emotional marketing. The untrained eye only sees the product, but the mind subconsciously buys into the purpose and brings the customer back to the product over and over again. Facebook is a great example. It started out seeking to make the world more open and connected, and it did that by running the well-oiled social network machine that most people can’t go one day without logging into.

Red Goldfish book explains how many of today’s leading brands hit their home runs by pursuing an achievable purpose that shows genuine corporate responsibility and using emotion based marketing to claim their place in our hearts that purpose-less businesses fail to capture. As leopards claim territory in the bushes and starve, lions stake their claim near the waterhole and reap all the goodies. Red Goldfish proves that purpose-driven businesses have the best chance of success in emotional marketing strategies and retain loyal long-term clients. Like Graeme says in the above video;

“the brands we love aren’t just companies to us, they become family”.

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