Social Selling Mastery
  • The modern buyer is online, digital and social by nature. How will your sales team find, educate and engage them? 78% of sales people who use social media sales techniques outsell their peers.

  • We’ve designed a training program to help sales professionals bridge this gap. This is a practical training program with a keen focus on building leads, pipeline and revenue.

  • Social selling isn’t just teaching your sales teams to use Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. Yes, those platforms play a role in social selling, but simply knowing how to use them doesn’t constitute true social selling. Social selling is a different approach, process and style of prospecting, nurturing and closing sales.

In this training:

  1. Discover web search secrets for finding qualified leads, uncovering opportunities, and understanding decision makers. Do you know how to mine the Internet for the inside information on companies, industries, and people?

  2. Learn what is important to your prospects and clients so you can close more business, faster. How can you learn what others care about before you walk in the room so you’re relevant to their objectives?

  3. Uncover resources that will help deepen client relationships. People buy from people who they like; who they trust; who provide value. Are you leveraging the power of information to differentiate from your competition, enhance your credibility, and connect on a meaningful level?

  4. Automate sales intelligence. Implement resources that will deliver information about prospects, clients, and your competition directly to the right people on your team.

  5. Systematize how often and what relevant information you communicate with your prospects and clients.Assess your team’s online reputation and readiness. When you enter a team member’s name into a search engine, what appears?

  6. Assess social media platforms. On which social platforms are your team members already engaged? Which ones should they be leveraging?

  7. Craft a powerful online presence on LinkedIn and other social media platforms. How optimized is your LinkedIn profile? Are you leveraging your profile across the Web for maximum exposure?

  8. Control your personal search results. Learn how to minimize or get rid of undesirable results when someone searches on your name.

  9. Get key messages to the right audience at the right time. How are you educating audiences on your expertise, and the value you provide?

  10. Learn how to manage your social relationships. How do you keep track of all of these online conversations, followers and likes?

  11. Get key messages to the right audience at the right time. How are you educating audiences on your expertise, and the value your provide? How can you leverage current events to enhance your visibility?

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