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greg derkowskiGreg Derkowski is a marketing and brand strategist who has worked for several leading media companies, with over 30 years of experience. Some of the companies he had worked for include Clear Channel Worldwide, News Corp., Times Mirror, and Chris-Craft/United Television.

Greg has held several brand and marketing leadership positions throughout his career. He’s been a driving force behind highly successful brands in local television, cable, sports medicine, and specialty medical services.

Greg’s specialty is helping companies unlock and empower their brand potential by moving it beyond what the product does to what it means to consumers. Branding is all about perception, and Greg’s branding edge is rooted in his belief that companies do not own their brands – their customers and constituencies do.

“Companies own products, services, trademarks and other intellectual property. But your brand and the brand experience are owned wholly by the consumer. You have to understand and embrace your brand through the eyes of the customer. The brand isn’t what we tell them; it’s what they think it is. It’s what they believe it stands for. Successful brands embrace this reality – the values of their consumers – in everything they do,” Greg says.

Since a brand lives in the minds of its constituents, what do people who have worked with Greg think about his personal brand? “…a forward-thinking innovator, marketing strategist, team player, and strong leader.” – Brooks Hogg, President at Medford Ventures

“Greg’s creativity and energy work beautifully with his natural
penchant for developing, managing, and implementing strategy.” — Andy Shaw, SVP at Fleishman-Hillard

“Greg is a smart, intuitive big thinker. As a marketer, he has a special talent for seeing the world from the perspective of the consumer.” — Ginger Zumaeta, President at ZUMGI, LLC

“He casts away bias and approaches brand and marketing situations from the perspective of the consumer.” — Kurt Bartolich, Founder at Guts Branding

“He gets brand and brand consistency. He’s an expert planner and a fantastic organizer.” — Scot Chastain, SVP at NBC/Universal Affiliate Advertising and Promotion

Greg’s foundation is in branding and creativity: crafting messages that motivate customers to take action and resonate with them on an emotional level. He is a four-time Emmy recipient as an executive producer, director, photographer, and musical composer and arranger.

Greg is a Houston native, a graduate of Stephen F. Austin State University, and lives in San Antonio, Texas.

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