Teasing & Story Focus Workshop

This comprehensive training workshop in news marketing will quickly increase your ratings and click-through rates. Your second quarter-hour news numbers will improve and you will increase the popularity of your lead. We show your team specific techniques for holding a lead-in audience and bridging the breaks with audience grabbing video, sound and writing.

This workshop also teaches producers, anchors, reporters, photographers, editors, and marketing staff how to pick the best story angle and ways to convey their message in exciting new ways. Your team will learn how to identify the viewer-focused parts of the story and drill down to the compelling, complex parts of their coverage.

We teach your team a simple three-step process that creates strong teases quickly. From weather tosses to digital video to in-story marketing, your team will leave with a clear understanding of how to boost retention, grow ratings and improve click rates.

News teases are ineffective because people are consistently doing them wrong.

This 602 Communications’ workshop eliminates these persistent problems associated with news teases and promos:

• Teases give away the story instead of convincing viewers to stay tuned
• There is no structured process for writing news teases and promos
• Teases get slapped together at the last minute
• Creativity takes the place of what’s most important: persuasion
• Quarter-hour retention suffers, ratings decline, frustration sets in
• No tease consistency from newscast to newscast
• No internal metrics for measuring a tease’s effectiveness or staff performance
• The staff has never been correctly trained in how to create compelling, consistent, attention grabbing and tune-in driven teases
The 602 Communications’ tease writing workshop addresses every one of these issues head on.

Our two-day workshop includes your producers, reporters, editors, anchors, meteorologists and promotion team. The results are an energized and focused staff that knows exactly how to recruit new viewers and retain existing ones.

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