Upgrade Your Writing Skills Workshop

Great writing is the foundation of any great promo, but in order to be truly effective with today’s super distracted viewer, a whole new creative approach is required. Customers are consuming our content everywhere, and we must customize our writing and producing to all the crazy ways these customers seek out our content: with no sound, on a tiny screen, on a huge screen, in the grocery store checkout line, while cooking dinner, or even half asleep on the couch.

Digital, on-air, and mobile media each require a unique writing style custom-made to the limitations and opportunities of each medium. Writers must begin their creative process with a clear understanding of what is possible and not possible on each specific platform.

Unfortunately, too many producers are still creating beautiful promos designed to entice viewers who are sitting in the living room giving the TV their full attention. This experience rarely exists anymore, and teams must update their producing style to meet our viewers wherever they seek us out. Too many producers are more focused on creating artistic masterpieces than methodically building messaging that motivates behavior.

It’s a new game in the content creation world. This workshop teaches your team the specific writing, producing, and editing skills that will elevate their work so it gets noticed and remembered quickly. In a world where we must vie for viewer attention against marketing masters such as Netflix and YouTube, we upgrade the skills of your team so they can effectively compete.

This workshop will turn your team into cross-platform marketing leaders who clearly understand the specific tactics each medium requires. We’ll show them how to write tighter copy, showcase amazing video, and build brand. We’ll upgrade their skills and arm them with the knowledge to effectively battle in the new world of always-on content creation.

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