Chevy Case Study


  • Encapsulate the customer’s feelings about your brand
  • Don’t brand your product, brand how your customer feels about your product.

Is your slogan just a catchy phrase, or does it have real heart and meaning that encapsulates the customer’s feelings about your brand? Chevrolet struggled with their tagline…The problem was that the marketing contradicted the slogan. The ads didn’t deliver deliver a deep customer connection.

But they finally hit the emotional mark with this commercial, that turns a car…into family.

 And it isn’t just a car, it’s a brand that’s a deep emotional connection. And finally, their slogan has meaning,

and its because they stopped marketing cars…

Watch as this customer gives explanation of the deep emotional connection he had with a Chevy growing up as a child. In this full length director’s cut commercial.

So remember, don’t brand your product. Instead build your brand on how your customers feel about themselves when they use your product.

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