Dermablend Case Study


  • Put ordinary products into extraordinary situations.
  • If you show them in the correct way the dullest products can be made magical

Marketing a truly revolutionary product is easy. One look at them in action and you know they’re game changers. All Apple needed to do was show the iPhone in action and customers were transfixed. Take a look.

You can’t take your eyes off it. It can be almost anything, like a boarding pass. Or do almost anything, like pay for your coffee.

Dyson did the same with the vacuum. Watch below: “It’s really very simple. Four fixed wheels like to move in a straight line, whereas a ball, can move in any direction.”

But how do you achieve this kind of marketing buzz if your product isn’t this amazing. The secret is to put that very ordinary product into an extraordinary situation. This can be done with special effects…

Playstation took the simple product feature of online gaming and made an eye-popping ad where the entire world comes together and competes. Watch this…

Now that’s great…if you’ve got a zillion bucks. But what can the rest of us do? Well Dermablend created one of the biggest viral video hits of the years by showing a very special person simply using their product.

The video clearly demonstrates that Dermablend can remove even the heaviest make-up. A brilliantly simple ad. Just remember, most products aren’t that different, but even the dullest products can be made magical if you simply show them being used by amazing people or in amazing situations.


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