Positioning a Brand: Best Practices for Using Advertising Humor

Is the primary goal of humor advertising to charm customers or to sell product features?  The best humorous advertisements leave you with a chuckle, but will those funniest commercials actually move product after the laughter fades?

In this three-minute emotional marketing lesson video, emotional marketing expert Graeme Newell shows the secrets to building humor commercials that entertain, while still achieving strategic marketing goals.  Learn best practices for writing advertising humor and the funniest commercials.

Humor in Advertising – A Guide

Ad writers don’t always focus first on making the funniest commercials. While it is not always the highest priority, great advertising humor can make viewers like your product more, and humor commercials are some of the best television ads around. It may seem hard, but humor in advertising can be a very easy and painless process. Here’s how you make great humorous advertisements in a few easy steps.

Don’t Make Humor Commercials Just to be Funny

Humor in advertising is nothing more than a means to an end, not the end itself. You have to keep in mind that humorous advertisements don’t just exist to entertain the viewer, but also to sell something.

The Funniest Commercials

Even the funniest commercials around are nothing if they do not attach that entertainment and humor to your product. The humor commercials have to pull double-duty by not only entertaining with humor, but also making an important point about the product.

The Purpose behind Advertising Humor

Look at the best humor commercials and you will see that, with all great humor in advertising, there is always a solid pitch behind the advertising humor. Take an integrated approach to making humorous advertisements. Sometimes a humorous advertisement is made just as a product pitch that is made funny later.

Humorous Advertisements – Where to Put the Pitch

The opposite is sometimes true as well, with the humor in advertising being the priority and the pitch is just added on at the end. The funniest commercials and the most effective humor commercials are the ones that consider both ends from start-to-finish. Advertising humor is just that – humor that is to be used effectively in a humorous advertisement.

Humor in Advertising

There are lots of different ways of making humorous advertisements. Don’t just try to make humorous advertisements for their own sake; instead try to make it with a purpose. The funniest commercials are more than just jokes, they are deliberate endeavors. An important aspect to making the humor thing work is to decide if you want to be selling a product feature or an attitude. Be sure to choose what you want your humorous advertisements to be before you make them.

Key Points to Remember for Using Advertising Humor


  • Marketing copywriters all too often decide not to bother with doing humorous advertisements because they think it will be too difficult. The funniest commercials can be made with ease if you do it right.
  • Humor commercials are great because they not only endear your product, they also provide a strong basis on which to make a product pitch
  • Choose if you want to be selling a product feature or an attitude before making your humor commercials

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