positioning a brand: best uses of attention grabbers & personal branding

How do you use star power effectively? When positioning a brand, smart marketers use a balance of attention grabbers and personal branding. In this presentation, emotional marketing expert, Graeme Newell focuses on how the Food Network leveraged Emeril Lagasse to significantly boost their brand. Graeme examines current marketing trends and some of the best television ads that were used to present Emeril in his own style.

Graeme uses a variety of Food Network’s best advertising campaigns that involve Emeril in order show how successful this approach can be. When using these commercial examples, Graeme is showing that Food Network does a great job of positioning a brand. Food is the backdrop of their marketing, but it is all about the stars. Current trends in marketing show that they make sure that the stars the front and center of everything that they do. Take Emeril for example. The Food Network gave him the BAM catchphrase, the looks he puts together, and freedom to throw stuff in the studio. By doing this, they created the Emeril brand in the process. What Graeme is trying to convey is that deciding what these things are now will allow talent show up with character and identification when positioning a brand. The best way to do this is to get a written plan and make it happen.

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