positioning a brand: branding from customer up, not product down

What’s the secret to great marketing? Positioning a Brand. Current marketing trends show, when positioning a brand it is important to do it from the customer up, not the product down. In this presentation, emotional marketing expert, Graeme Newell examines some of the best advertising campaigns to show the customer wants to feel about themselves, not how they feel about the product.

Graeme uses an advertisement from the South African investment firm Allan Gray. This commercial is one of the firm’s best television ads because it features pop culture icon, James Dean. It begins with an emotion that allows the company to connect with the audience that will go way beyond programming. The audience being targeted is 65 year old men. Graeme uses this particular advertisement as his prime example because he wants the steps to be clear. He reiterates throughout the presentation that if a company begins with emotional drivers, the product connection comes second. Then the company will be able to effortlessly weave connections into the minds of viewers because they have acquired their attention with the emotion. This will further allow them to start positioning a brand in a more effective way.

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