The Contradiction Technique: How to Write Copy for Television Promos

Great advertising copywriting begins with great disruptive writing.  The best television promos identify the category cliché in video promos, then turn it on its head.  By introducing a wee bit of confusion, the viewer’s natural curiosity takes over, piquing interest and delivering full attention to network promos.

Emotional marketing expert Graeme Newell delivers a lesson in how to write copy.  He demonstrates one of television writing’s most-trusted tactics – the contradiction technique.

The Secret Behind The Best Promo Videos

When writing commercial ad copy, creative copy writers often times go about promo video production the wrong way. The best way to make TV promotion, and any other type of promotion, is to start with the emotion, and then deal with the story plot ideas. The best promotion videos are the ones that don’t fall into the trap of making the same old tired TV promos that everyone is used to seeing. Go ahead, make a quiet, calming dinosaur chase promo, or a lively, happy horror spot.

Promo Editing Like a Pro

When wondering how to write advertising copy that really is effective, remember to make your promo video heavy on emotional connection, and light on story plot ideas. Some of the very best promos are the ones that get the plot in lightning-fast, and then move right to the emotional connection. This allows promotion television writers to thoroughly establish what’s going to happen in the show, but still make that all-important emotional connection as they do it. Always keep this in mind when writing ad copy, as some of the best promo video ideas come from a heavy emphasis on emotional connection, and less from story plot ideas. When copy writers wonder how to make good TV advertising, I always tell them that you have to take an approach that is as concise as possible. You need to quickly bang out the story plot ideas so that you can move onto the most important thing to television promo writing – the emotional connection with the viewers.

How to Write Ad Copy that Matters

When I’m asked how to copy write for television promotion, the answer is almost always the same. I make sure I don’t get my proportions mixed up. As it stands in the promotion TV business now, most promo videos are 75% story plot ideas and 25% emotional connection. This is totally backwards. It is a common mistake that advertising copy writers make to follow their producer’s whims and make TV promos that tell the viewer exactly what the show is about. In promo advertising, it’s ok for the viewer to not understand what’s happening in your cable promos. In fact, it’s usually better that they don’t.

You need to be confusing your viewers a little bit. Promo writing is about the mystery, about enticing the viewer to see more, not about blasting them away with a full rundown of the exact content of your show.

So, for a recap

  • When you are making TV promos and commercial ad copy, remember that the best promotion videos are the ones that keep things new and interesting. Go ahead and try something new and exciting!
  • A trick to sales copy writing is to get the boring story plot ideas out of the way lightning-quick and move right into the bread and butter of emotional marketing – the emotional connection
  • Marketing copywriters are doing it all wrong. Most TV promos are 75% story plot ideas and 25% emotional connection, when it really should be the other way around.

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