Using Emotion – Great Advertising Copywriting for Television Promos

All television promos must do two things: explain the show plot, and build an emotional connection with the viewer. Problem is, there’s rarely enough time to do both.

In this on-stage presentation, emotional marketing expert Graeme Newell shows how great advertising copywriting builds strong emotional connections and avoids the mistake of overexplaining.  Learn how to write advertising copy for the best promo videos.

When making television promos, creative copy writers all too often get locked into the idea that the best promo videos are made by explaining everything to the viewer in great detail. They think that promo advertising needs to be descriptive and informative, and that promo advertising is a means by which to convey information. That is simply not the case.

How to Write Advertising Copy

I get asked about how to write advertising copy by marketing copywriters all the time, and I always tell them that the first thing they need to do is to take a step back from their advertising copy. Promo advertising isn’t about information or plot – it’s about building a connection with the viewer using advertising copywriting. For instance, our research has shown that a vast majority of all television promos don’t even bother with the all-important step of building a connection with the viewer. Instead, the advertising copywriting is comprised solely of a description of exactly what their show is about. The best promo videos get out of this bad habit.

Promo Advertising Copywriting

When making television promos, you have to get out of your own head and get into the shoes of the viewer. The best promo videos are the ones that have a brutally customer-orientated outlook on every aspect of how to write advertising copy. For instance, many stations use in-house staff to write their television promos, but that then complicates things. It is difficult to make good promo advertising copywriting when you’re writing about your baby. The best promo videos will give the viewer a bare-bones skeleton of the plot, and spend the rest of the promo on fleshing out a connection.

The Trick to the Best Promo Videos

Copy writers want to be descriptive in their television promos, and that is fine, but it is vital in advertising copywriting that you never lose sight of your main goal: to build a connection. If you are worried that the audience won’t understand your promo completely, stop worrying. It’s ok for them to be confused. In fact, a little confusion in advertising copywriting goes a long way. The idea here is that the confusion helps add to the mystery of the promo, something that can add a new dimension to the promo advertising. Television promos exist to tantalize and seduce the viewer, not to throw a wall of information and text at them.

So to recap:

  • When making promo advertising copywriting, marketing copywriters tend to overdo it with the information. A huge majority of all television promos out there are 100% plot and 0% viewer connection. That needs to change to mostly connection and the most bare-bones connection you can manage.
  • When considering how to write advertising copy for the best promo videos, you need to step back from your product. In order to make a great promo video, you have to really put yourself in the shoes of the viewer
  • Don’t be worried about the viewer not fully understanding your promo advertising. In fact, it’s best that they don’t fully understand it.

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