what is customer relationship marketing? changing it up

When creating a marketing plan for a new product, smart marketers ask, what is customer relationship marketing? Customer relationship marketing involves building loyal customer attachment through identification. In this presentation, emotional marketing expert, Graeme Newell explains how marketers can break up the monotony of advertising by flipping conventional wisdom on its head. Graeme examines some of the current marketing trends and the best television ads to clarify these ideas.

Graeme uses some of the best advertising campaigns from Value City and the Portuguese League Against AIDS in order to show the current trends in marketing that are being used to advertise products. Marketers should build an appeal through identification, not by lecturing on what should be known or what the program should be about. The Portuguese League Against AIDS really nailed this on the head. They flipped the creative side of the commercial on its head. They asked the question “What would happen if you die” instead of “If you don’t use a condom you will get AIDS.” That’s the emotional message and it is much more powerful. Value City broke the rhythm with their commercial as well. They changed the pace, language, and music, and it became a much more powerful advertisement that customers could relate with. Graeme is basically trying to show that when it comes to positioning a brand and building a relationship with customers, a company should appeal through identification.

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