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The ability to read and write is a cornerstone of any educational program. Students need these skills to succeed in school and beyond. Without them, students cannot decode the information they need in order to make decisions. Critical thinking is vital for students and adults alike. Many of the people we talk to are looking for a social entrepreneurship definition so they can think critically and make decisions themselves.

Social Entrepreneurship Definition

Part of literacy is knowing what words and phrases mean. Defining words in context or with a dictionary leads to greater understanding of texts. In order to educate our readers, we need a good social entrepreneurship definition. In a nutshell, a social entrepreneurship is a business that seeks to bring about social change while meeting the goals of its stakeholders. One social entrepreneurship, AltSchool, provides a great social entrepreneurship definition through its programs designed to help students achieve more.

Empowering Students

AltSchool’s mission is to enable all children to reach their full potential. The school does this using technology to create a unique learning experience for each child. Altschool focuses on the traits of self-awareness and cooperative teamwork skills. They believe that all children should be able to plan their futures and succeed on their own terms. Providing an exceptional, personalized education is an integral part of AltSchool’s program and mission.

AltSchool empowers families, students, and teachers. Their first school opened in 2013. They now have a network of kindergarten through 8th grade schools in San Francisco and New York City. These schools teach anywhere from 35 to 220 students. Teachers use technology to implement foundational knowledge and project-based assignments. AltSchool believes in teaching the whole child through its innovative interactive platform.

A New Network

AltSchool is also creating a network with its partner schools. To partner with AltSchool, a school must have like-minded goals of building new personalized learning experiences for students. Partner schools use AltSchool’s technology and research from the lab schools to make their own processes run smoothly.

AltSchool provides a great social entrepreneurship definition for anyone who is curious about the subject. Their focus is in education. By changing the way it teaches students, AltSchool is changing the world, one student at a time. Their vision for social entrepreneurship and innovation is at the heart of every classroom and teacher involved with AltSchool.


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