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Red Goldfish CoverToday’s buyers are demanding an entirely new relationship with the businesses they choose. Just providing a good product isn’t enough anymore. The millennial generation is looking to partner with brands that stand for something meaningful.

Product features are still very important, but now brands must show how those products serve individuals and communities. Today’s quick-to-market manufacturing and distribution mean your customers can choose from numerous competitive products that meet their basic needs. Now customers want to purchase from companies that match their own values and priorities.

Collecting customers isn’t enough anymore. Brands must now build a tribe and actively advocate for that tribe.

In Red Goldfish, Stan Phelps and Graeme Newell share cutting-edge examples and reveal the eight ways businesses can embrace purposes that drive employee engagement, fuel the bottom line, and make an impact on the lives of those it serves.

To write this book, Stan and Graeme evaluated the leadership and operations strategies of 250 purpose-focused businesses. They analyzed more than 3500 marketing examples from these companies, grading each for effectiveness.

Red Goldfish is a guide to help leaders identify their own business purpose, then to implement a purpose-driven strategy that enrolls and invigorates customers, employees, vendors and investors.

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