basf agriculture uses social innovation to end hunger

BASF Agriculture

Feeding the Hungry Through Social Innovation

BASF’s products and solutions have always helped to conserve resources. Now BASF is taking steps to ensure good nutrition and improve quality of life. Sustainability and sharing of resources are vital driving forces in the company’s social innovation work.

BASF carries out its social innovation work through BASF Agricultural Solutions. This is a BASF subsidiary. Improving nutrition and quality of life throughout the world is the Division’s purpose. The Division carries out its purpose in several ways.

What is Sort-A-Rama?

One of the ways BASF Agriculture supports its community is through the annual Sort-A-Rama. This event brings food to families in North Carolina. Community volunteers pitch in to aid in the process of food distribution. The Sort-A-Rama is also the kickoff for BASF’s annual Stop Summer Hunger program. Stop Summer Hunger aims to provide needy students with meals they would otherwise not receive.

Partnering with the Food Bank of Central and Eastern North Carolina, the Division holds the Sort-A-Rama each spring. Local participants sort donated food into family-sized bags. Volunteers then give out these bags to those in need.

Stop Summer Hunger

The other part of Sort-A-Rama is the Stop Summer Hunger campaign. In the areas serviced by the food bank, many students do not receive breakfast or lunch while school is out. BASF accepts donations from local businesses and schools. This enables them to provide as much as 6.2 million pounds of food for North Carolina citizens in need.

Everyone Wins

Everyone benefits from one of BASF Agriculture’s Sort-A-Rama events. Local schools and businesses are able to help families with the greatest need. BASF is able to fulfill part of its mission and purpose. Local students and others gain valuable volunteer experience while giving back to their communities. Finally, and most importantly, food insecure residents receive vital food stores to keep themselves going. BASF’s Sort-A-Rama and End Summer Hunger programs are examples of social innovation in action.


“We create chemistry for a sustainable future” – BASF faces challenges for global demands of growing population while keeping in mind social responsibility and environmental protection.


BASF employees demonstrated their community pride by renovating Detroit Osborn High School to enhance the learning environment.


Nobody knows it all, but we each know something. BASF brings together ideas and people to create chemistry, not just chemicals. More durable wind turbines are just one of the innovations introduced by BASF and its commitment to helping people lead better lives.

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