brand marketing research study – how to build powerful mom brands

Want moms to love your brand? There are two essential emotional motivators every branding expert should have in her toolbox. In this three-minute emotional marketing lesson video, emotional marketing speaker Graeme Newell reveals the psychological triggers that compel moms to buy. Learn the marketing tactics that make mom feel great about herself and your brand.

Mothers are one of the largest demographics around, and as such marketing to mothers and mom brands are some of the most important skills a marketer can have in this world today. Female advertising and women advertising are the way to go nowadays, and brand marketing research for mom brands is the way to do it.

Brand Marketing Research on Mom Brands
Brand marketing research has taught us many things about many different demographics. When considering female advertising and women advertising, you must approach it from how the woman wants to feel about herself – something that mom brands accomplish through effective application of brand marketing research. Mom marketing can be done, but it must be done in a way that it is serving the needs of mothers, not the marketing department.

Female Advertising Done Effectively
What do women want? This question is one that has plagued countless men over the years, but when marketing to mothers and advertising to mothers, this is the very question that marketers have to ask themselves. Brand marketing research does wonders when forming mom brands that use female advertising and women advertising to make advertising to mothers. It lets the female advertising experts drill down into the psyche of women and really find out what motivates them to buy. Mom marketing is usually the same as female advertising and women advertising.

Women Advertising for Mothers
The trick here is to find what the stereotype is about women advertising and mom marketing, and then determining whether that stereotype is viable or not. Brand marketing research has shown that a lot of mom brands end up targeting the wrong emotions when advertising to mothers and marketing to mothers. While a lot of mom brands think that mothers want to be nurturing and all of that jazz, the truth is much more practical. Mothers love feeling smart.

Mom Marketing for Geniuses
Brand marketing research has shown us that mom brands should be focusing on making advertising to mothers that show mom as an absolute genius. Marketing to mothers should be done from the vantage point of a mom who is so smart, her family doesn’t even really know how much she is doing for them. She is calm and in control, and female advertising and mom marketing can benefit greatly from this sort of brand marketing research that breaks out of the stereotypes of marketing to mothers.

Advertising to Mothers with a Mean Streak
When you think of mothers, you don’t often think of nasty things like domination and belittling – but maybe you should. Brand marketing research has conclusively shown that one of the most effective ways of marketing to mothers is to just annihilate their husbands in a fireball of ridicule. Mom brands are good at showing a husband that is little more than a Neanderthal that would be all but lost without her. This idea of power over a spouse is a highly effective tactic of female advertising and women advertising that mom brands use when advertising to mothers. Again, remember that when you are marketing to mothers, you are just suing female advertising to a more focused demographic.

Intelligently Marketing to Mothers
So whether it is ridiculing the intelligence of the spouse or building up the ego of the woman herself, the most effective methods of marketing to mothers and advertising to mothers is to follow the brand marketing research and lift up the mom. Mom brands focus on female advertising and woman advertising when advertising to mothers, and this is the way to do it.

So let’s recap what we went over today:

  • When going for mom brands, you have to remember that you are focusing on female advertising and women advertising to get your point across.
  • Use brand marketing research to determine what is most effective in mom marketing when advertising to mothers and marketing to mothers.
  • One of the most effective mom marketing tactics used in female advertising is to show mom as a genius.
  • The other very effective tactic in mom marketing used in women advertising is to have the mom be shown as dominant over her bumbling husband.

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