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Examples of Corporate Social Responsibility

As part of the Red Goldfish project, we are always looking for examples of corporate social responsibility. We find them in all sectors and in different parts of the world. Sometimes companies practicing corporate social responsibility are for profit. Other times they are nonprofits, driven by a board with creating social good as part of their mission and purpose. No matter what their purpose, all good examples of corporate social responsibility share two things in common. They seek to improve lives for stakeholders and customers, and they carefully use their resources to do good while also creating value for stakeholders.

Creating value can include making a profit. It also includes affecting society in a positive way. For Cabot Creamery Cooperative, one of our examples of corporate social responsibility, creating value means working with a team of independent farmers. Together, the employees work to meet the goal of producing the best cheese and dairy products available on the market.

Farmer Owned and Operated

The Cabot Creamery Cooperative is owned by families on 1,200 different dairy farms. Some of these family farms started with Cabot at its founding in 1919. The cooperative provides jobs for over 1,000 people. Each employee owner is dedicated to producing delicious dairy products that give back to the planet in sustainable ways. Cabot produces cheese, yogurt, butter and dairy dips. Their commitment to sustainability reaches from farm to fork. Cabot’s pledge is “living within our means and ensuring the means to live.” This commitment makes Cabot one of the greatest examples of corporate social responsibility that we have found.

Cabot honors the hard work of its farmers by using traditional production techniques. The company ages its cheese naturally. This means it takes longer to make the product, but the product is of a better quality. All of Cabot’s profits are returned to the farmers. The farmers benefit from the Cabot brand. They know the milk they produce will go into making a product they can be proud of.

Recognizing Volunteers

Another way Cabot honors its employee owners is by recognizing their volunteer efforts. They thank volunteers by offering prizes for people and groups that spend time volunteering in their communities. Cabot employees travel the country, feeding volunteers with their Farmers’ Gratitude Grill mobile kitchen.

Cabot Creamery Cooperative employs family farmers and promotes sustainable farming practices. They honor farmers’ efforts and the Earth by using sustainable and traditional manufacturing techniques. Cabot celebrates those who volunteer and give their time to their communities. These three simple ideas are what makes Cabot’s mission one of the best examples of corporate social responsibility we have found so far.


A man talking about Cabot Cheese’s mission to the community and thanking people who are buying their products.


Cabot Cheese explains their commitment to sustainability.

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