cognizant helps define corporate social responsibility


Seeking to Define Corporate Social Responsibility

At 602 Communications, one of our biggest goals is to define corporate social responsibility for our clients. Understanding the concepts and ideas behind this movement helps clients become more socially responsible in their own businesses. It is always a challenge to define corporate social responsibility, because there are so many ways companies can practice it. As a foundation, companies that practice CSR must be in the business of sustainability. This is what sets apart CSR companies from others that follow a more traditional model. Today’s CSR companies are social entrepreneurships that look beyond short term gains and practice long term policies that will help ensure a future for the business and the larger world.

Joining Digital and Physical Worlds

In addition to sustainability, CSR companies also find ways to aid in solving the world’s problems. These companies find innovative ways to aid their clients and employees in living better lives. One company that does this while still remaining profitable and relevant is Cognizant. Cognizant is in the business of helping other companies shift to a digital environment. Its leaders believe that digital technology is changing the landscape of our lives and society. It is vital for businesses to reshape the ways they interact with customers. Physical and virtual worlds must be connected and synced with each other. Companies that succeed are the ones who are able to navigate this world-changing shift to digital life.

This is where Cognizant comes in. The company adapts to each client’s needs and designs a program to help it succeed in making the shift. Cognizant makes a profit for its stakeholders while also helping other organizations grow and transform themselves into connected digital companies.

Continued Training for Employees

Acting as a consultant to other companies is Cognizant’s main business. But it also distinguishes itself in how it educates its employees to take on new challenges. This is where the sustainability element comes in. Cognizant does not simply train its employees once at hiring and then send them on their way. Cognizant has built a great program of continued learning. The company’s leaders recognize that employees need ongoing training in order to adapt to workplace needs. This is why Cognizant offers its own in-house training center, Cognizant Academy. The Academy focuses on four initiatives for employee education:

  • Continuing Education;
  • Role-based training;
  • Executive training program;

Each initiative helps shape employees at every stage of their career. Cognizant also sends its employees to classes at third party colleges and universities. Employees are able to take interactive, computer-based courses to build their skills. The company positions itself as a leader in making the shift to a digital environment; it sets an example by helping its own employees make the shift. Cognizant is part of the vanguard of 21st century companies that help to define corporate social responsibility.


A man talking about how Cognizant provides leadership and trainings to their employees.


Different people in Cognizant shares there journey in being part of the company.


CEO, Francisco D’Souza, talks about the Cognizant Growth Story.

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