everytable: what is a social entrepreneurship?


What is a Social Entrepreneurship?

What is a social entrepreneurship? Generally speaking, they are companies that seek to address social problems with a purpose-driven model. Although a social entrepreneurship is often non-profit, they do not have to be. Everytable, in Los Angeles, California, blends a set of for-profit goals with their altruistic aims of making healthy food affordable and accessible for all.

Food Deserts

Founders Sam Polk and David Foster took their inspiration from talking to people who lived in food deserts. A food desert is a place where fresh fruit, vegetables, and other clean, healthy foods are not readily available. There may not be large grocery stores or farmers’ markets in these areas. Residents of food deserts may rely on fast food outlets and other low-priced options for all their meals. The Everytable model is to open a store in one of these areas and stock it with complete, ready to eat meals prepared by chefs.

Everytable prices its goods according to the demographics of each area. For example, South Los Angeles is an area with a low median income. In South Los Angeles, meals are priced to be affordable and also to compete with fast food options. In more affluent areas, the meals are priced higher. Everytable prices its products according to what local residents can afford. The stores in more affluent neighborhoods provide items that are more affordable than those at local health food and other stores. They are priced higher than at the stores in low-income neighborhoods, because the customers can afford higher prices. This enables Everytable to be profitable.

Balancing Goals

By following this model, Everytable is able to balance its profit goals with its social entrepreneurship mission. The company addresses the problems of malnutrition and reduced food access. They contribute to a healthier and happier population. The stores are convenient and easy to use. Customers can take the meals home and heat them up, or use one of the microwaves available at each location.

What is a social entrepreneurship? For Everytable and the people of Los Angeles, a social entrepreneurship is a well-planned, profitable, purpose-driven enterprise that helps people live better lives and make better choices about the food they eat.


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