fedex: one of the many companies corporate social responsibility drives


The Influence of CSR

Today, there are many, many companies corporate social responsibility has influenced. Nonprofit and for profit companies alike can become social enterprises. Together, these companies have a massive impact on the social problems we face. Organizations feed people, provide housing, promote healthy eating, and provide clean drinking water in many areas of the world. These are just a few of the causes we have examined in cataloguing CSR and social enterprise companies. Today, we would like to focus on FedEx, the worldwide package delivery service.  This is one of the companies corporate social responsibility has influenced. More than an influence, CSR is at the heart of everything FedEx does.

What FedEx Does

FedEx, like many CSR companies, provides opportunities for its employees to volunteer. Philanthropy its part of the company’s corporate activity as well. There are four areas FedEx focuses on with its support:

  • Emergency and disaster relief- FedEx provides transportation and logistics management to help areas recover from disaster.
  • Pedestrian and child safety- FedEx works with the Safe Kids Foundation to cut down on the number of pedestrian deaths and injuries, in India. The roads in India are very congested and present a danger for anyone who walks as a form of transportation.
  • Education- FedEx believes that education is a foundation for the future of any community. The company supports youth development programs.
  • Health and human services- FedEx supports health and quality of life outcomes in France, India, and Germany.

Going Even Further

These are all vital areas of need, and it is wonderful for FedEx to support them. But the company’s CSR reach does not stop with these four areas. The company also provides financial contributions, free or reduced shipping services, and employee volunteers to approved nonprofits or charities. Any registered charitable organization in good financial and public standing can go through the application process. FedEx makes sure the charities it supports are the ones with the best reputations and histories.

Finally, FedEx is a leader in protecting the environment. It recently started modernizing its aviation fleet to be more fuel efficient and reduce its carbon footprint. The company is applying the same principles to its ground vehicles. Its packaging uses recycled materials and non-toxic inks in its packaging. Reusable envelopes that cut down on waste are also part of safeguarding the environment.

FedEx, a leader in worldwide shipping, is one of the companies corporate social responsibility has influence. More than that, FedEx is promoting CSR for other companies by providing a great example of what can be done.


Two men have a conversation about the new changes in their office.


A customer complains that his FedEx package was delivered on time. Since he wasn’t expecting FedEx to deliver so quickly and efficiently, he busied himself with other errands!


During a business meeting, someone suggests using FedEx to help save money and deliver promptly.

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