fuller cut barbershop sets the bar for corporate social responsibility companies

Fuller Cut Barbershop

Problem Solvers

Corporate social responsibility companies always look to help solve one or more of society’s problems. There are as many problems and solutions as there are social entrepreneurs. Each company presents its own unique approach to improving society. Fuller Cut Barbershop, in Ypsilanti, Michigan, is one of the corporate social responsibility companies doing its part to promote literacy. The barbershop offers discounts om haircuts for children who read aloud to their barbers. This is an innovative way to get children interested in reading.

The shop offers a $2 discount, which is refunded to the children after their cut is complete. Usually, the kids are able to keep the money for themselves. Ryan Griffin, a barber working at the shop, created the simple program. He started by bringing in his own kids’ old books that were lying around the house. The shop library took off from there. Other members of the community brought in their own books. All the books in the library share a common theme. Since the shop caters to a largely African-American community, each book presents a positive image of African-Americans. The books are about athletes, leaders, artists and many others. Part of the goal is to give children role models they can look up to.

A Popular Idea

Griffin does not take credit for his idea of a library and discount program. There are other programs in other parts of the country. When Griffin heard about the idea, he decided it was a good fit for his shop and the area it serves. The program encourages younger children to read, because they see older kids sitting for haircuts and reading. Sometimes, the younger customers do not even know how to read. Seeing older kids reading inspires them to pick up books of their own. The shop is also able to track reading comprehension progress. Barbers have kids start reading where they left off during the previous haircut.

Members of the community choose to get involved by bringing in their own books to become part of Fuller Cut’s library. One of Griffin’s long term goals is to better prepare students for reading and writing in college.

Promoting Literacy

Fuller Cur Barbershop is one of the leading corporate social responsibility companies in its community. Its employees and customers care about promoting literacy for kids. The company actively gives back to the people who support it. Students get a great haircut, put money in their own pockets, and develop a lifelong love of reading. Other corporate social responsibility companies would do well to follow Fuller Cut’s example.


CBS This Morning features Fuller Cut Barbershop, a barbershop that gives kids discounts when they read aloud while getting a haircut.


CBS Evening News features Fuller Cut Barbershop, where children are given discounts on their haircuts if they read aloud to their barbers.

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