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Discovering Companies With Corporate Social Responsibility

Companies with corporate social responsibility programs are focused on more than just making a profit. They are purpose driven, with leaders who think through the “why” of what the company does in order to find a purpose beyond providing a good or service. Let’s take a closer look at one of these companies.

San Francisco based Good Eggs is one of our favorite companies with corporate social responsibility, because its founders programmed in a social entrepreneur mission from day one. The company’s mission is to grow and sustain local food systems worldwide. Good Eggs partners with local food producers to distribute healthy, naturally created foods to customers in the San Francisco area. CEO Rob Spiro started the company in 2011. He observed that local farmer’s markets were a steady and reliable source of fresh food. Spiro also saw that many people could not get to the farmer’s markets when they were open. People were missing opportunities to improve their lives with better eating. Producers were missing chances to bring their wares to market. Good Eggs set out to correct both these problems in an innovative way.

Using Technology

Good Eggs uses an online ordering system that allows people to buy from local food producers. This way, they do not have to work around the schedules of farmer’s markets and can go on with their lives. Online innovation is a common thread for companies with corporate social responsibility missions. Good Eggs is part of a new generation of companies, using technology to solve problems online and offline.

Today, the site allows bakers, ranchers, farmers, butchers and pop-up restaurants to market their creations to website visitors. Fresh oven baked bread, naturally sweetened desserts, and produce are all available for delivery. There is even a Chef’s Market Box available. The Box includes a local chef’s recipe and all the ingredients needed to recreate it. Good Eggs makes money from each sale, but Spiro and his team are careful to keep prices competitive with more traditional farmer’s markets and grocery stores. Meat products are a great bargain for Good Eggs shopper, with a lower price per pound and a higher quality.

Healthy Eating For All

Good Eggs provides great food at a reasonable price, and helps local food producers build their businesses using sustainable techniques. The company’s commitment to social innovation does not stop there. Good Eggs is a B corp, meaning it voluntarily meets benchmarks for sustainability set out by the B Lab nonprofit agency. The company takes care of its employees, offering a living wage, benefits, and the chance to be part of a purpose-driven culture. Good Eggs also serves its employees a large lunch of locally sourced organic food each workday. In house chefs prepare the meal and employees enjoy it together. Good Eggs shows that corporate social responsibility can be impactful, sustainable, and delicious.


Rob Spiro, founder of Good Eggs, discusses the company’s vision to bring organic food to the local market and help local farmers become successful with their businesses.


With Good Eggs you can shop local, organic produce, meat & fish, and delicious staples for next day delivery in the San Francisco Bay Area.


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