gore sets an example for corporate responsibility companies


What Gore Does Right

Gore is an established, successful, versatile organization and one of the best examples of corporate responsibility companies.

Gore’s commitment to innovation shapes everything it does. It is a technological company with people and relationships at its core. Gore values ideas and products that encourage discovering, exploring, and inventing.  At Gore, there is a huge emphasis on collaborative culture. Employees are encouraged to create together, challenge each other, and drive innovation as a team. The company always makes sure to publicly celebrate employee successes. This is one of many incentives for even greater achievement and advancement of ideas.

A World of Useful Products

Gore consistently creates products that bring value to the end users. Examples of products Gore produces include cables and cable assemblies, electronic components, fabrics, fibers, filtration tools, and devices for the medical and pharmaceutical industries. Gore also makes sealants that can withstand high pressures and temperatures. The company began its life as a manufacturer of copper cables for the telecommunication industry.

Today, Gore is perhaps best known for its consumer products. Outdoor enthusiasts can enjoy bike rides, hikes, or outdoor runs without freezing or being drenched in the rain. Gore also offers windproof apparel for more comfortable adventures and exploration. These outdoor products are all sold under the Gore-Tex name.

Hiking Shoe Innovation

Gore-Tex recently released its first hiking shoe. The shoe uses modern polymer technology to release sweat and block moisture while in use. This keeps the feet dry and reduces discomfort for hikers. The shoe helps people experience the outdoors and improves the quality of their lives. Helping people live better lives is a common goal for all corporate responsibility companies. Gore works hard at achieving this goal.

Throughout its history, Gore has focused on discovery and product innovation while being a technology driven enterprise. It succeeds because of its commitment to enhancing its customers lives with its quality, reliable, durable and beloved products. Employees are proud to give of themselves so that the company can continue to make great contributions.

The Power of Happy Employees

Gore believes in its employees and depends on them to drive change by living up to their full potential. The company provides a safe workplace for all employees to develop and maximize their strengths. It goes out of its way to make sure employees enjoy the work they do. Employees are empowered to direct their own activities. Gore practices its core value of sustainability by focusing on long-term goals and outcomes. The company’s love of exploration and discovery means it has a positive influence on the communities surrounding it. Gore takes its principles even further by requiring all their suppliers to show integrity in hiring and labor practices. This way, the company has a positive impact on the entire world.

The amazing thing about corporate social responsibility companies is that they can work in any industry or sector. Gore focuses on developing its core products. The company knows its product lines are more successful when employees enjoy coming to work. This principle of empowering and recognizing employees can translate to any company looking to practice CSR.


W.L Gore’s commitment to innovation shapes everything they do.


Men using Gore-Tex on their adventure.


The first Gore-Tex hiking shoe is designed for the outdoors. It lets sweat out from every direction, but it also keeps water from coming in.

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