happy family and Harley-Davidson are top corporate social responsibility companies

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Two Top Social Entrepreneurship Companies

Happy Family sources clean, organic vegetables for healthy baby food products. Harley-Davidson is a long-running American company that sells motorcycles. At first glance, the two companies seem to have nothing in common. The truth is that they are both top corporate social responsibility companies.

Happy Family CEO Visram Shazi saw a need and formed a vision. She saw that many new mothers were frustrated with the quality of baby food that was available to them. Typical food for babies uses processed ingredients and mass production techniques. One woman Shazi talked to stated she felt like a bad mother for feeding her child these products. Even the woman’s doctor told her they were not the best for her child. Shazi began asking women—and men—if they would support a company with naturally sourced ingredients and a sustainable supply chain. The response was positive, so Shazi went ahead with her plans for Happy Family.

Transparency and Accountability

Happy Family prides itself on being transparent. They make their entire supply chain known to customers. Parents can feel safe knowing what is in the food they feed their children. Even Happy Family’s packaging is transparent. Shazi says it is important for customers to know exactly what they are getting. The company keeps ingredients basic, usually just four or five naturally sourced foods.

Top corporate social responsibility companies know it is important to support a person’s whole growth. Happy Family’s products feed the body. Harley-Davidson feeds the soul with their products and programs. They offer free safe rider courses to law enforcement, first responders, and military veterans and active duty service people. The safe rider courses encourage customers to buy Harley-Davidson motorcycles. They also create riders who are safe and conscionable and will pay attention to traffic rules. This results in a safer world for everyone.

Harley Owners Group

Another way Harley-Davidson distinguishes itself is with its Harley Owners Group or HOG. Anyone who buys a new, unregistered Harley-Davidson motorcycle is eligible for membership. The group provides opportunities for Harley owners to network and get to know each other. HOG sponsors rallies and roadside events to get Harley riders out and visible in the community. Recently, Harley-Davidson started offering free admission to the Harley-Davidson museum in Milwaulkee. The museum houses many artifacts and souvenirs from Harley-Davidson’s long history. It gives visitors a chance to learn about the legacy of a great American company.

Happy Family and Harley-Davidson are two top corporate social responsibility companies. One provides healthy food for children, with transparent supply chains and ingredient lists. The other helps riders live their dream of freedom on the road. Both companies are on a mission to bring about change, improve lives for customers, and provide solutions to some of society’s many problems.


Different farms are being shown. Happy Family CEO then talks about the criterias they have in selecting farms for their products.


A woman asking questions to Happy Family, CEO, Visram Shazi about her company Happy Family.


Different family situations being featured.


CEO of Happy Baby talks about their products.

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