harley-davidson’s example of corporate social responsibility


Example of Corporate Social Responsibility

Are you looking for an example of corporate social responsibility? Look no further than Harley-Davidson. This American company has provided high-end motorcycles to riders since 1903. The company also sells cycling apparel and accessories.

One example of corporate social responsibility that Harley Davidson provides is its Safe Rider program. This basic course is available for anyone who purchases a Harley motorcycle. It is free for military veterans, servicemembers, and fire and police first responders. It covers the basics of safe motorcycle operation.

Empowering Safe Riders

Through its Safe Rider program, Harley Davidson helps drivers and cyclists alike to travel safely and avoids accidents or damage to their vehicles. Topics covered include braking, turning, and maneuvering. Riders learn how to control skids and overcome obstacles. Riders who complete the course earn a completion card. The card may exempt riders from certain portions of their license exam. In some states, the card also gives riders a discount on motorcycle insurance. These rewards are another great example of corporate social responsibility. People purchasing Harley products have an incentive to participate in the Safe Rider Program. The program helps them become more skilled, conscientious riders and increase safety on our roads.

A Foundation for Change

Harley Davidson’s other shining example of corporate social responsibility is in its Harley-Davidson Foundation. The Foundation partners with charitable organizations through its network of employees and dealers. The Foundation gives grants to nonprofits working in the areas of education, health, and the environment. The grants target underserved communities with the greatest areas of need. The grants go to places where Harley has corporate facilities. The main recipient of grants is the public school system, which receives funding for education programs within the schools. The programs help students find jobs, provide academic support, and fund arts education. The Harley-Davidson Foundation also provides money for basic needs, public health, and economic development in neighborhoods.

Harley-Davidson’ long history and innovative programs make it a great example of corporate social responsibility. The Safe Rider courses help prevent accidents and injuries on our roads. The Harley-Davidson Foundation improves learning and health outcomes through its funding of nonprofit groups. Harley-Davidson is an established company that prioritizes giving back to its community and customer base.


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