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The Value of Stewardship

At 602 Communications, it is our responsibility to be stewards of helpful information. We use our collective resources to promote and teach about businesses that practice company social responsibility. We hold speaking engagements and workshops to teach other business owners how to be more purpose driven. One of our goals is to help create more companies that practice social enterprise and corporate social responsibility. For us, being stewards means sharing the lessons we learn in a meaningful way. We believe this commitment to sharing makes us a leading corporate social responsibility consulting firms. Today, we would like to focus on another firm that believes in stewardship and service. The firm is the Ian Martin Group, a staffing company that provides contract employees in the engineering, technical, and IT fields. The company is based in Canada.

Meeting Client Needs and More

Ian Martin defines stewardship as “giving care to something you don’t own as though it were actually yours.” This drives the group to support the careers of their job candidates. Ian Martin also serves its clients’ projects and the environment. This focus on people and the world we live in is a big part of the group’s company social responsibility. In 2011, the Ian Martin Group became one of the first B Corporations in Canada. They wanted to make their mission of stewardship a living thing by putting action behind it. Keeping the certification requires Ian Martin to meet standards for employee, customer, community and environmental impact.

The Ian Martin Group takes on many of the duties companies would normally have to take care of themselves. Services include payroll, administration, compliance and most of the hiring process. This takes a burden off companies and enables them to focus on their own missions and project completion. This is another example of the group’s stewardship. They take care of a firm’s employees and processes as if they were Ian Martin’s own.

What You Can Do

Many organizations have a company social responsibility program in place. The Ian Martin Group achieves CSR and stakeholder goals by focusing on stewardship and service. What about you and your company? There are probably ways you can give care to your client’s needs as if they were your own. You do not have to go through B Corp certification, like Ian Martin, in order to make a difference.


A man introducing Ian Martin Group as a company; what they do and how they help others.

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